2 player xbox 360 rpg games

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2 player xbox 360 rpg games fight for glorton 2 player game

2 player xbox 360 rpg games

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Let us know down in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our list of best PS3 couch co-op games as well. Connect with us. Borderlands Like Gears of War, when Borderlands came out, fans were surprised at how awesome this game was. Portal 2 Just mentioning Portal 2 brings back happy memories — As the followup to one of the most beloved games of all time, Portal 2 expanded on what made the first one so great, improved the writing as if that were even possible , and added co-op to make this even better than its predecessor.

Resident Evil 5 To this day, Resident Evil 5 is divisive among fans. Splinter Cell: Conviction The stealth genre did not get much traction till a few years back. Halo 3 What Xbox list would be complete without Halo 3? Gears of War The Xbox was known for having some awesome exclusives. When the first Gears of War came out in , people were blown away, not only by the realism of the graphics, but the gruesome brutality of the action.

You can also play through the thrilling offline campaign with a buddy, in split-screen or co-op. The combination of RPG and shooter elements were just not as common back then. And when you add that gorgeous art style, you get a recipe for a fantastic game.

This is another one that you can play in its entirety with a friend, and it's a good idea to do so because things can get tough. It's an achievement to finally take out a hard boss together, and it's wildly fun to just explore the open area. Borderlands still holds up as a fantastic cooperative experience and is one of the most memorable multiplayer Xbox games.

Castle Crashers Castle Crashers, one of the most memorable Arcade games from the early Xbox days, is a product of Newgrounds, giving off tons of charm and personality. Up to four players can run through this fun beat-em-up game, in which you can defeat bosses, and collect weapons. At the time, beat-em-ups weren't as popular as they were before, so it was neat to see a little indie pop up and embrace that classic genre and modernize it for the time.

Portal 2 As the follow-up to one of the most beloved games of all time, Portal 2 expanded on what made the first one so great, improved the writing as if that were even possible , and added co-op to arguably make this even better than its predecessor. The addition of co-op was a match made in heaven for Portal.

Having another player allowed for even more depth within the puzzles, and alleviated some of the loneliness of traversing through the test chambers. It's just done in such a smart way and I don't think I'm the only one who wishes this franchise would come back.

Let's all pray to the Valve gods. Left 4 Dead Ah, Valve. Making us fall in love with your games and never giving us more. Similar to Portal, Left 4 Dead had a huge fan base, yet we haven't seen a new entry in nine years, which is a shame. There was something special about Left 4 Dead that hasn't been replicated since.

Roaming the well-designed areas, covering each other's backs, and fending off an army of zombies as you all wait for the escape vehicle was a total blast. Army of Two With 'Two' in its title, the Army of Two series is built around co-op, which was a pretty neat idea. Sure, we've seen third-person shooters before, but one that had specific mechanics that were built around co-op in such a meaningful way was awesome.

Features like distracting enemies so the other player can attack from behind, helping your partner climb up a ledge, or the famous back-to-back mechanics are all found here and were well-done. Admittedly, Army of Two was never known for getting perfect review scores or anything like that, but it's still fun, especially if you don't take it too seriously.

Rainbow Six Vegas What a game. The ability to rappel down a building, lean up against walls to surprise enemies, and the usage of gadgets truly made you feel like a Rainbow operative. Beyond that, the inclusion of the famous Terrorist Hunt mode, as well as being able to play through the full story with a friend, Rainbow Six Vegas was made for cooperative play.

I'm sure fans remember blasting through the waves of terrorists with a friend, getting down to the last few, and being met with some of the most heart-pounding tension while trying to survive. Rainbow Six Siege is great, but it doesn't compare to Rainbow Six Vegas and its emphasis on local cooperative play.

On one hand, it strays way far from what we know a Resident Evil game to be, but on the other, it's a still a very good video game. There is something oddly satisfying about playing through this game with a friend and it's arguably the best way to play. Minecraft Love it or hate it, there is no denying the impact Minecraft had on the industry after its release. While not as relevant as it once was, the game saw a ton of success during the Xbox era and that was bolstered by its inclusion of co-op.

There are some impressive creations built within the Minecraft world, some of which had many players working on them for quite some time. It's a great game to just casually jump into with a buddy, locally, and one that deserves all of the achievements it has earned. Playing music together is something that is extremely fun and rewarding, but most people probably don't get to experience.

Call of Duty Local multiplayer may not be something that comes to mind when you think of Call of Duty, but there is a lot of fun to be had while playing with a friend in the same room. Depending on your preference, you can play competitively, or cooperatively in the popular zombies mode.

Particularly with zombies, surviving wave after wave with a friend is some of the most nerve-wracking fun the series has to offer. Diablo 3 When Diablo 3 was announced, fans were crazily excited since there weren't many games like it available on the platform. This is a game with lots of replay value and is made even more fun with a friend. What's great about it is that it's a game that inexperienced players can jump into and have fun with, without the need for much explanation.

Splinter Cell: Conviction The stealth genre is one that seems to have gained more traction as of late, but at the time, was not seen as often. Splinter Cell: Conviction features a separate campaign made just for cooperative play and it's really fun. You can run through the local co-op mode in about six hours or so, but it's still a blast getting through it without being seen. Using teamwork to successfully get through an area undetected is not only more satisfying, but recommended so you don't get shot.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance The culmination of so many Marvel characters was enough to attract almost anyone, especially with the inclusion of local cooperative play. Featuring over 20 characters like Wolverine, Black Panther, and Deadpool, players were able to dungeon-crawl and beat up bad guys with up to three other players.

What's great about this game is that it covers a wide variety of Marvel characters ranging from lesser known bad guys like Fin Fang Foom to heavy hitters like Spider-Man. This game was such a big deal when it came out and for good reason. You can indulge in split screen play throughout its entire campaign, or you can jump into its trademark Horde mode which brings waves of enemies for you to fight against.

Developed by the masters over at Turn 10 Studios, this title focuses on the simulation aspect of car racing, and thus gives you a truly immersive and realistic experience. Two players can race against each other in its well crafted split screen mode. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is an open world video game which allows you to jump into the shoes of 70 different characters from the DC Comics universe, apart from Batman and Robin of course.

Equipped with a unique split screen model, this offering renders some long hours of fun and enjoyable gameplay. As its name suggests, this game is focused in allowing two gamers to play in a cooperative fashion. Protagonists Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem team up with each other in order to destroy the invading forces which have swallowed Shanghai through a devastating terrorist attack.

Its gameplay has been granted several unique scenarios which encourage team-based tactics, and this is one of the main highlights of Army of Two: The 40th Day. Equipped with a wonderful story, it delivers incredibly hooking gameplay which is meant to be played with someone by your side. For split screen play, you can indulge in its stellar Extinction mode with one of your buddies, or jump straight into its squad modes.

Moreover, each and every online multiplayer mode can be played locally by 2 players in co-op mode. This concludes our list of the best split screen Xbox games. We hope you found what you came here looking for. Keep browsing through our site for more such lists which boil down video games based on your requirements. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Monday, March 1, Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Home Features.

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Casino horseshoe las spotlightvegascom vegas It includes a six-player survival mode where you and a squad of EDF soldiers must hold off waves of murderous insects. By Jeremy Gill. Just mentioning Portal 2 brings back happy memories — As the followup to one of the most beloved games of all time, Portal 2 expanded on what made the first one so great, improved the writing as if that were even possibleand added co-op to make this even better than its predecessor. Metascore: 81 User Score: 7. Playing music together is something that is extremely fun and rewarding, but most people probably don't get to experience. Portal is a great co-op game. Raw
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Hilaria, Alec Baldwin reveal name of new baby. Watt gets blessing to wear retired No. Any suggestions? Answer Save. I'm not sure theres any RPG games that has co-op mode. I tried out co-optimus and pulled up the below list. Even went in and bought Fable III from amazon. However, ended up not playing - as player 2 feels more like a side kick when we tried. Wanted to get some opinions about these games or if you any one had any other suggestions for games we could try out.

In Tales of Vesperia, can you have a second player character in battle like in Tales of Symphonia? But that might feel little too sidekick-ish as well. Sorry, I can't think of too many. I don't think there really are that many. It's mostly bad, but it might be fun for some local co-op. What about Marvel Ultimate Alliance?

This was actually a more popular genre on PS2 probably. Stuff like Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath.