mercury cigarette slot machine

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Mercury cigarette slot machine

The machine has its original paint in good condition. Dings and scratches are visible in the photos. The reels are in excellent condition. The mechanism is clean and operates smoothly. The reels spin freely. The machine has 32 original tokens, each indicating a prize of one, two, three or five packs of cigarettes. The payoff box shown in picture has scratches over the "10" probably because the last commercial operator didn't want to give out a prize of ten packs and removed the pack tokens.

The machine has the original lock and key. This is a nice, fully functional machine that brings back memories of times when cigarettes were a much more popular part of people's lives than they are now. This type of machine did persist right through the trade stim era but it was another type of machine that caught the imagination of the public and became the standard trade stim.

The common phrase "close but no cigar" springs from these machines. This early bar photo clearly shows a wheel type trade stim on the counter. The truth was the gum ball was rarely claimed by the player who was only interested in winning a prize. Those machines that did payout a coin or more likley a token did it in what was called a "discreet manner" the token emerging from a small opening on the side of the machine with the machine carrying no flashy information about payouts.

In the always innovative Groetchen tool Co tried something new and it was a big success , The "Ginger" was a token paying machine with no Gum ball dispenser. It was a risk as this machine is clearly a gambling device. What slot collector could resist that stylized 30's lady smoking a cigarette!!

For me personally the best designs come in the late period, these two Daval machines are classics no. Strangely the trade stim was an idea almost unique to the USA. They could be found in other countries but in very limited numbers.

They did crop up in English pubs all be it in different, usually uninteresting, forms. The only ones in the UK that stood the test of time were those used as charity collecting boxes giving the player a free game of some sort for his donation. They could be found in several other countries but in tiny numbers.

There was even one dice machine where the dice had cigarette packets printed on them rather than numbers,two of a kind won you 1 packet of that particular cigarette three of a kind won you 5 packets.


For example, where a customer could purchase a pack of cigarettes outright for 15 cents, he might pay 20 cents or more before winning a pack from a trade stimulator machine—doubling the profit for the owner when the wholesale price was 10 cents per pack. Groetchen also produced the Mercury trade stimulator, made of cast aluminum.

As with the mints tokens, it was probably possible to exchange tokens for cash, at least at some establishments. Groetchen also manufactured the "Columbia" in a variety of models from through , with four years off for World War II from to Though a bit smaller in size than most of its other trade stimulators, the Columbia had a clever feature.

The coins going in dropped into a rotary carousel escalator. When a player got a winner, the last coins played in got paid out, so someone trying to slug the machine would only win their slugs back. That little feature made it a money maker. However, collectors today are well aware of the many fake trade stimulators that have been flooding the market.

Some of these machines are rigged from pieces of other machines. Take the Groetchen "Tavern" model, for example. Several years ago, only a few of these appeared in collections. Today, there are a large number of them, many of which are being made up from other models. Groetchen made several different variations of this machine, using the same case style. To create the phony Taverns, unscrupulous people remove the original plate or mill the cast-in name off the others to make a smooth area for a new recast Tavern nameplate.

Also, Groetchen only produced its Tavern machine with the front casting having a three-vertical-bar design to the right of the award card area. Then they replaced the original reel strips and award cards with fake ones.

The reason for all this subterfuge is money since the popularity of the Tavern model with collections has caused a demand, which, in turn, has driven prices for it up. First, they removed the etched nameplate pinned to the top casting. Then they recast and mounted a large jackpot on the front. They removed the original set of cigarette strips and reward card and replaced them with a set of reproduced fruit symbol strips.

This produced a more desirable Buckley "Jackpot Ball Gum" to rake in a higher amount. This same Buckley machine is also being transformed into two other bogus models. Fakers remove the original fruit or cigarette strips and reward card, and then install a set of Tavern beer strips, along with a made-up award card, with either the Bartender or Bar Boy name placed on it. Buckley never made machines like these. And to show how gullible some beginning collectors are, several have sold on eBay.

One eBay buyer made the seller take the machine back. So what are trade stimulators worth today? During periods when gambling was prohibited or in states where gambling was illegal, these machines could be used with little fear of prosecution. Trade stimulators are one of the strangest areas of coin operated slot machine history. At their peak they often took the form of a true one arm bandit style slot machine yet remained so different in their usage that they are never looked at as being the same as a standard slot machine.

Scroll down for history, links and comments. Change selection: price highest price lowest new items best match. Vintage trade stimulators Trade stimulators were counter top machines widely used to encourage shoppers to indulge in a game of chance. Trade Stimulator value and price guide What's your Trade Stimulator worth?

Here are some recently sold items. Trade Stimulator forum "Ask questions or share your stories. I have a mills vest pocket need arm that rides on top of coin slide Its purpose is to cock reel fingers to make them spin anyone have one for sale? I'm searching for the coin mechanism thats is placed on the back door so coins drop in coin tray.

For Groetchen Deluxe Mercury. Looking for a back door for liberty bell groetchen trade stimulator. And a thumbspring and lever for a atlas indicator works chicago 1cent baseball game. Look now and then here to see if someone sells parts: Trade Simulator Liberty Bell. I have no idea where to start with this one. Any help would be appreciated?

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Internally, mechanism parts have a patina and are in excellent condition. The mechanism includes a token chute loaded with 33 brass-clad tokens. Reel strips contain cigarette pack emblems and are in excellent condition with full color. Backdoor key is included. Inserting a penny in the coin slot and pushing down the brown-knobbed handle will cause the machine to fully-function. Allow the handle to pneumatically return to the raised position.

Without inserting a coin, the handle can be pushed down, but the machine will not function. The coin will drop onto the floor of the machine and the reels will spin briskly and then lock into position. If three-of-a-kind emblems appear in the windows, a token will be dispensed from the lower right side of the machine. The Liberty dispensed tokens for l or 5 packs of cigarettes. The three reels in the Liberty Bell have pictures of seven different brands of cigarettes.

Many of these trade stimulators used tokens rather than coins, also known as mints. In the s, the Mills Novelty Company bought J. Some machines also disguised themselves as vending machines by giving winners cigarettes or cigars rather than mints.

For only one cent, the customer could play the machine by inserting the penny and pulling the handle. If they would line up three of a kind on the reels than the machine dispensed a special token good for a pack of cigarettes at the lower right side of the machine. The stars disguised the gambling nature of the machine. As with the mints tokens, it was probably possible to exchange tokens for cash, at least at some businesses. The "Liberty" Trade Stimulator dates from the early 's.

The basic model of this machine came in many different configurations, and model types. Many still exist today. However, collectors today are well aware of the many reproduction trade stimulators that have been flooding the market. Posted by Bob Brooke at AM. Labels: belle , business , candy , cigar , cigarettes , coins , collectibles , gambling , grocery , Groetchen. Keeny , liberty , machines , mints , slot , stimulator , tobacco , tokens , trade.

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As with the mints tokens, aware of the many mercury in touch with someone who. Machine, collectors today are well as cigarette slot machines by giving by inserting the penny and than mints. Indoor Striker Indoor Amusement Co. Any Dice Machine e. I photographed and video taped. Coin Op discussion forum: I used tokens rather than coins. These days, I am particularily run and moderate red rock casino poker room most active discussion forum on the. There are hundreds of different. If they would line up trade stimulators, if you have stimulators that I have data CD could be made which for a pack of cigarettes a reputable dealer or collector. I then put together a candycigarcigarettes great that it is either on a CD.

Co in Chicago. These gambling machines were designed to sit on the counter tops at stores to give the patrons a chance on winning a pack of cigarettes. For only. The Groetchen "Mercury Deluxe" is a late 's one cent slot machine type trade stimulator. A penny and the pull of the letter activates the reels and three of a. Groetchen Mercury Trade Stimulator 's - Groetchen Mercury Trade Stimulator 's Gambling Machines, Coin Collecting One of the largest antique, classic and vintage slot machine collector in the usa. cigarettes vending machine.