is it legal to own a slot machine in indiana

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Is it legal to own a slot machine in indiana casino in winslow az

Is it legal to own a slot machine in indiana

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Why Nickelodeon star quit acting: 'I resent my career'. Answer Save. HoneyB Lv 4. Under the Nebraska section, you will find this: Criminal Code: Official misconduct involves knowing violation of any statute or lawfully adopted rule or regulation relating to official duties Class II misdemeanor Max 6 mos. Take care, and good luck. Slot machine ownership laws vary from state to state, in general, most of the states allow individual to own a slot machine if the slot machine meets one of the following three kinds, Antique slot machines: Slot machines that are at least 25 years old, provided that the seller explicitly states the age of the machine in the document.

The second-largest casino is Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg with 2, gaming machines. It offers 1, Class II competition-style gaming machines alongside live poker tables. As an alternative to enjoying Indiana slot machine casino gambling , consider exploring casino options in a nearby state. Bordering Indiana is:. Are you interested in sharing and learning with other slots enthusiasts in Indiana? If so, join our Indiana slots community on Facebook.

There, you can meet online and privately share your slots experiences with local slots enthusiasts about playing slot machines in Indiana. Join us! Indiana has no theoretical payout limits. However, monthly and annual return statistics are publicly available for commercial casinos. The IGC offers comprehensive annual reports on all aspects of legal gaming in Indiana.

The casino with the highest return in December went to Hollywood Lawrenceburg followed by French Lick. The casino with the lowest return was Rising Star followed by a tie. Indiana slot machine casino gambling consists of fourteen commercial casinos, including two proposed commercial casinos, and a tribal casino with Class II bingo-style gaming machines. Book Your Consultation…. Further, the cities of Gary and Terra Haute each have a proposed casino. Have fun, be safe, and make good choices!


If you believe someone in your community is conducting an illegal gambling operation, you should notify your local police department or county sheriff. If you are aware of any illegal gambling device being operated, stored or sold in the State of Kansas, you should notify your local police department or county sheriff and the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. What is the crime of "gambling"? Unsanctioned gambling in Kansas is illegal.

The crime of gambling applies to the gambler. See K. It is a crime that applies to the promoter of the gambling activity and to the proprietor of a gambling place. These activities are knowingly:. Examples of this type of commercial gambling activity include:. Certain bingo operations are legal in Kansas. Bingo conducted at state licensed and regulated, non-profit bingo parlors is legal.

Illegal bingo operation is:. The regulation, licensing and taxing of bingo falls under the jurisdiction of the Kansas Department of Revenue. What is a "lottery"? A lottery, therefore, is an activity that has the elements of consideration, chance, and prize. The most common lottery is a raffle. Lotteries conducted by the State of Kansas and by tribal gaming operators are legal. All other lotteries are illegal. Many different games and activities that some people may not think of as being a lottery actually are.

These activities include raffles conducted by for-profit organizations, individuals and unqualified non-profits, poker games, poker runs, duck races, Dime-O and Quartermania, just to name a few. What is "consideration"? In most cases, consideration is the money paid to play, but consideration can also be in the form of an indirect payment to a promoter or the increase in business that the promoter or sponsor of an event will experience through its sponsorship of the lottery.

Some examples of consideration taken from Kansas court cases or that have facts similar to court cases include:. Why is a raffle illegal? A raffle is the simplest form of a lottery. Sequentially numbered tickets are sold. A ticket with a corresponding number is placed into a container. A ticket is drawn out of the container and the person holding the winning number claims their prize. Generally, the purpose of a raffle is to make money. This only happens if some tickets are sold.

Remember, not all raffles are illegal. If a raffle is conducted by the State, a tribal Government, or a qualified non-profit organization, it is legal. However, all other raffles are illegal, including those conducted by a for-profit organization, an individual, or a non-qualified charitable organization. For example, if you go to a restaurant for a meal and then, while paying for your dinner at the cash register, you drop your business card in a fish bowl with the hope of winning a free meal when a name is drawn out of the bowl, you have entered a drawing.

What is a "gambling device"? Certain subassemblies and parts used in connection with these machines are also considered gambling devices. This would include poker chips, raffle tickets, tokens used in lieu of chips or coins and other items. If an electronic machine purports to enter the player in a sweepstakes or to sell merchandise like a long-distance phone card in exchange for one dollar, but then also allows the person to play a game of chance that may deliver a prize, that machine is a gambling device if the people play to win credit for merchandise in the store, for drinks or food at the bar, for cash, or for tickets that can be redeemed for merchandise, drinks, food or cash.

All of these games are typically games that do not operate like slot machines, have some element of skill, and do not deliver prizes or they deliver prizes of inconsequential value like a trinket or stuffed toy. How can one distinguish between an illegal gambling device and a legal "amusement device"? A good rule of thumb is that if the machine operates like a slot machine or a video poker machine, you pay money to play, and you have the chance to win money or a ticket that you can cash in for merchandise, money, food or drinks, then it is probably an illegal gambling device.

There are several State crimes related to gambling devices, including:. Are Quater Pushers legal? Quarter pushers are illegal gambling devices under the Kansas criminal statutes. In fact, every state that has considered the legality of quarter pushers has concluded that quarter pushers are illegal gambling devices.

Two 2 Quarter Fall Machines; F. Henson, So. Maillard, N. No cases have determined that the machines are legal. Additionally, at least six Attorneys General have determined that quarter pushers are illegal gambling devices. Opinion No. Dakota Op. Gen No. To be clear, no Attorneys General have provided a formal opinion that these devices are legal.

Finally, the legal outcome in those cases and opinions match our experts' analysis of these illegal gambling devices. Of course, there are criminal ramifications to wagering on, possessing or dealing in illegal gambling devices. Further, illegal activity can jeopardize any administrative licenses that a business may hold. Download the video. Are "skill stop" or " cherry masters" machines legal? As with other potential illegal gambling devices, a few rules show that these machines can generally be considered illegal gambling devices under the Kansas criminal statutes.

Under the criminal statutes, a "gambling device" includes machines that are "designed, manufactured or altered primarily for use in connection with gambling, and i which when operated may deliver, as the result of chance, any money or property, or ii by the operation of which a person may become entitled to receive, as the result of chance, any money or property. Devices that use tokens for wagers may fit into the gambling device definition.

And the fact that a prize is not automatically paid by the device does not change its gambling device status. Under Kansas law, there are potential criminal ramifications to wagering on, possessing or dealing in illegal gambling devices or conducting commercial gambling. Of course, you should contact your own counsel for specific guidance with respect to a particular machine.

Are Fantasy Sports Leagues legal? In , the Kansas legislature excluded fantasy sports leagues from the definition of a "bet" if the league meets certain conditions. To determine if your fantasy sports league is excluded from the definition of a "bet", compare it to the definition of Fantasy Sports League found in K. A on the score, point spread or any performance or performances of any single real-world team or any combination of such teams; or.

B solely on any single performance of an individual athlete in any single real-world sporting event. Concerns or questions? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. E mployee Gaming License Application Packets. Persons meeting any of the following criteria are considered Level I employees and will be required to obtain a Gaming Occupation License:.

Persons meeting any of the following criteria, or whose responsibilities involve the maintenance or conducting of gaming activities or equipment, or who will be required to work regularly in a restricted area are considered Level II employees or contractors and will be required to obtain a level II Gaming Occupation License.

Each person who will be employed by or working for a gaming facility, or acting as an independent contractor of a gaming facility, or working with an ancillary gaming facility operator, and who is not required to obtain a Level I or Level II license shall be required to obtain a Level III Gaming Occupation License or temporary work permit before engaging in any work with the gaming facility.

Personal renewal Application and supporting documents shall be filed with the commission not less than 90 days before the expiration date of the gaming license. Facility managers and suppliers are responsible for expenses, fees and costs incurred by the commission in performing the renewal background investigations of their employees. Read the entire form before filling it out, and verify your responses afterward.

If you have nothing to report on a specific item, indicate "NONE" in the space provided. This form must be completely filled out, typed or printed in black ink, except initials and signatures. Use blue ink when signing, dating, or initialing any page of the documents.

The Kansas Constitution and criminal statutes establish that lotteries are illegal. A lottery is any game, scheme, gift, enterprise, or similar contrivance wherein persons agree to give valuable consideration for the chance to win a prize or prizes.

The limited exceptions to illegal lotteries include licensed bingo games, tribal gaming, licensed parimutuel racing and wagering, and the state lottery including casino gambling. The KRGC acts as the state's coordinating agency for most questions and complaints regarding illegal gambling.

That role requires the KRGC to employ educational, administrative and law enforcement methods to maintain the integrity of gaming in Kansas and to help curtail illegal gambling. Pursuant to K. A failure to make such disclosure may be grounds for finding the record holder unsuitable. We are also required to render maximum assistance in determining the identity of the beneficial owner.

We may not make a public offering of our securities without the prior approval of the Nevada Commission if the securities or the proceeds therefrom are intended to be used to construct, acquire or finance gaming facilities in Nevada, or to retire or extend obligations incurred for such purposes. Any representation to the contrary is unlawful. In September , the Nevada Commission granted us two years, the maximum time permitted, in which to make public offerings of debt or equity.

This two-year approval or continuous or delayed public offering approval, also known as a shelf approval, is subject to certain conditions and expires in September , at which time we will seek to renew the approval. Changes in control of Boyd Gaming through merger, consolidation, stock or asset acquisitions, management or consulting agreements, or any act or conduct by a person whereby he obtains control, may not occur without the prior approval of the Nevada Commission.

Entities seeking to acquire control of a Registered Corporation must satisfy the Nevada Gaming Authorities in a variety of stringent standards prior to assuming control of such Registered Corporation. The Nevada Commission may also require controlling stockholders, officers, directors and other persons having a material relationship or involvement with the entity proposing to acquire control, to be investigated and licensed as part of the approval process relating to the transaction.

The Nevada legislature has declared that some corporate acquisitions opposed by management, repurchase of voting securities and corporate defense tactics affecting Nevada gaming licensees, and Registered Corporations that are affiliated with those licensees, may be injurious to stable and productive corporate gaming. License fees and taxes, computed in various ways depending on the type of gaming or activity involved, are payable to the State of Nevada, Clark County and the City of Las Vegas.

Depending upon the particular fee or tax involved, these fees and taxes are payable either monthly, quarterly or annually and are based upon:. An excise tax is also paid by casino operations upon admission to certain facilities offering live entertainment, including the selling of food, refreshment and merchandise in connection therewith. The sale of food or alcoholic beverages at our Nevada casinos is subject to licensing, control and regulation by the applicable local authorities.

All licenses are revocable and are not transferable. The agencies involved have full power to limit, condition, suspend or revoke any such license, and any such disciplinary action could, and a revocation would, have a significant adverse effect upon the operations of the affected casino or casinos. In February , the State of Illinois legalized riverboat gambling. Four of the licenses were to be located on the Mississippi River, one license was to be at a location on the Illinois River south of Marshall County and one license had to be located on the Des Plaines River in Will County.

The remaining licenses were not restricted as to location. The tenth license that was initially granted to Emerald Casino Inc. As a result, the Board has authorized a bid process to issue the tenth license to a new operator. It is anticipated that the tenth license will be issued in the fourth quarter of The exact location of the operation of the successful bidder of the tenth license is unknown at this time.

Furthermore, under the initial Illinois Act, no gambling could be conducted while a riverboat was docked. A gaming excursion could last no more than four hours, and a gaming excursion was deemed to have started when the first passenger boarded a riverboat. Gaming could continue during passenger boarding for a period of up to 30 minutes.

Gaming was also allowed for a period of up to 30 minutes after the gangplank or its equivalent was lowered, thereby allowing passengers to exit the riverboat. During the minute exit time period, new passengers were not allowed to board the riverboat. Although riverboats were mandated to cruise, there were certain exceptions.

If a riverboat captain reasonably determined that either it was unsafe to transport passengers on the waterway due to inclement weather or the riverboat had been rendered temporarily inoperable by unforeseeable mechanical or structural difficulties or river icing, the riverboat could remain dockside or return to the dock.

In those situations, a gaming excursion could commence or continue while the gangplank or its equivalent was raised and remained raised, in which event the riverboat was not considered docked. If a gaming excursion had to begin or continue with the gangplank or its equivalent raised, and the riverboat did not leave the dock, entry of new patrons on to the riverboat was prohibited until the completion of the excursion.

In June of , amendments to the Illinois Act, which we refer to as the Amended Illinois Act, were passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor. The Amended Illinois Act redefined the conduct of gaming in the state. Pursuant to the Amended Illinois Act, riverboats can conduct gambling without cruising, and passengers can enter and leave a riverboat at any time. In addition, riverboats may now be located upon any water within Illinois, and not just navigable waterways.

There is no longer any prohibition of a riverboat being located in Cook County. Riverboats are now defined as self-propelled excursion boats or permanently moored barges. Therefore, subject to certain Illinois Board rules, individuals or entities could own more than one riverboat operation. The Amended Illinois Act also allows for the relocation of a riverboat home dock.

The number of gaming participants will be determined by the number of gaming positions available. Gaming positions are counted as follows:. No direct or indirect ownership or control shall be approved which will result in undue economic concentration of the ownership of riverboat gambling operations in Illinois. Undue economic concentration means that a person or entity would have actual or potential domination of riverboat gambling in Illinois sufficient to:.

The Illinois Board will consider the following criteria in determining whether the approval of the issuance, transfer or holding of a license will create undue economic concentration:. The initial Illinois Act does not limit the maximum bet or per patron loss. Minimum and maximum wagers on games are set by the owner licensee. Wagering may not be conducted with money or other negotiable currency. No person under the age of 21 is permitted to wager and wagers may only be received from a person present on the riverboat.

The owner licensee is required, on a daily basis, to wire the wagering tax payment to the Illinois Board. The tax will rollback to the rates as outlined in the Amended Illinois Act. The Illinois Board has the authority to reduce the above mentioned wagering tax obligation imposed under the Third Amended Act by an amount the Board deems reasonable for acts of God, terrorism, bioterrorism or a condition beyond the control of the owner licensee. There can be no assurance that the Illinois legislature will not enact additional legislation regarding admission and wagering tax rates.

The Illinois Board is authorized to conduct investigations into the conduct of gaming and into alleged violations of the Illinois Act and the Illinois Board rules. Employees and agents of the Illinois Board have access to and may inspect any facilities relating to the riverboat gaming operation. A holder of any license is subject to the imposition of fines, suspension or revocation of such license, or other action for any act or failure to act by himself or his agents or employees, that is injurious to the public health, safety, morals, good order and general welfare of the people of the State of Illinois, or that would discredit or tend to discredit the Illinois gaming industry or the State of Illinois.

Any riverboat operations not conducted in compliance with the initial Illinois Act may constitute an illegal gaming place and consequently may be subject to criminal penalties, which penalties include possible seizure, confiscation and destruction of illegal gaming devices and seizure and sale of riverboats and dock facilities to pay any unsatisfied judgment that may be recovered and any unsatisfied fine that may be levied.

The initial Illinois Act also provides for civil penalties, equal to the amount of gross receipts derived from wagering on the gaming, whether unauthorized or authorized, conducted on the day of any violation. The court will have sole jurisdiction over any and all issues pertaining to the appointment of a receiver.

The Illinois Board will specify the specific powers, duties and limitations for the receiver, including but not limited to the authority to:. The Illinois Board will submit at least three nominees to the Court. The nominees may be individuals or entities selected from an Illinois Board approved list of pre-qualified receivers who meet the same criteria for a finding of preliminary suitability for licensure under Sections In the event that the Illinois Board seeks the appointment of a receiver on an emergency basis, the Illinois Board will submit at least two nominees selected from the Illinois Board approved list of pre-qualified receivers to the Court and will issue a Temporary Operating Permit to the receiver appointed by the Court.

The Table may be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act. Each owner licensee must provide a means for the economic disassociation of a Key Person in the event such economic disassociation is required by an order of the Illinois Board. Based upon findings from an investigation into the character, reputation, experience, associations, business probity and financial integrity of a Key Person, the Illinois Board may enter an order upon the licensee or require the economic disassociation of such Key Person.

If the Illinois Board denies an application for such a transfer and if no hearing is requested, the applicant for the transfer of ownership interest must promptly divest those shares in the publicly-traded parent corporation. If a hearing is requested, the shares need not be divested and profits may be distributed to a publicly-held parent corporation pending the issuance of a final order from the Illinois Board.

The owner licensee shall notify the Administrator as soon as possible after it becomes aware that it or its parent is involved in an ownership acquisition by an Institutional Investor. The Institutional Investor also has an obligation to notify the Administrator of its ownership interest.

Key Persons of owner-licensees must submit Trust Identification Forms for trusts, excluding land trusts, for which they are a grantor, trustee or beneficiary each time such a trust relationship is established, amended or terminated. Factors to be considered by the licensee include, but are not limited to, the following:. The Illinois Board may waive any licensing requirement or procedure provided by rule if it determines that such waiver is in the best interests of the public and the gaming industry.

Also, the Illinois Board may, from time to time, amend or change its rules. In general, uncertainty exists regarding the Illinois gaming regulatory environment due to limited experience in interpreting the Illinois Act. From time to time, various proposals have been introduced in the Illinois legislature that, if enacted, would affect the taxation, regulation, operation or other aspects of the gaming industry or Boyd Gaming. Some of this legislation, if enacted, could adversely affect the gaming industry or Boyd Gaming, and no assurances can be given as to whether such legislation or similar legislation will be enacted.

Bill was an attempt to expand gaming in Illinois by introducing one additional riverboat license, a land-based casino located in Chicago, Illinois, the ability of existing and new casinos to purchase additional gaming positions, and the ability of Illinois horse race tracks to operate slot machines and video poker upon the payment of a per-position fee.

Bill also called for the formation of a new Gaming Board appointed by the Governor and a new Gaming Enforcement Division to monitor gaming operations, conduct background checks, conduct investigations and investigate violations of the Illinois Gaming Act. Although Bill was not enacted, it is expected that a gaming expansion bill may be introduced in that will provide similar terms to expand gaming in Illinois.

The terms and any affect of such expansion on the Par-A-Dice Casino is unknown at this time. The Illinois Board also conducted studies at selected casinos during which the identification of all patrons was checked for a specific period of time. Although the Illinois Board has not yet decided the issue of whether to make identification checks mandatory, it is anticipated that the issue will continue to be of interest to the Illinois Board.

Industry leaders in Illinois have expressed concern that mandatory identification checks may adversely affect gaming revenues, as such checks not only invoke privacy concerns, but may affect the number of patrons visiting Illinois casinos by causing some of them to visit casinos in neighboring states that do not perform such checks.

Such casino license was valid for a one year period and was renewed in June of for an additional one year period. Boyd Atlantic City, Inc. The ownership and operation of casino gaming facilities in New Jersey are subject to the Casino Control Act. In general, the Casino Control Act and the regulations promulgated thereunder contain detailed provisions concerning, among other things:.

The NJCCC is empowered under the Casino Control Act to regulate a wide spectrum of gaming and non-gaming related activities and to approve the form of ownership and financial structure of not only a casino licensee, but also its entity qualifiers and intermediary and holding companies. No casino hotel facility may operate unless the appropriate license and approvals are obtained from the NJCCC, which has broad discretion with regard to the issuance, renewal, revocation, and suspension of such licenses and approvals, which are nontransferable.

The qualification criteria with respect to the holder of a casino license include the following:. To be considered financially stable, a licensee must demonstrate the following ability:. Qualification approval means qualification requirements as a casino key employee, as described below.

An entity qualifier or intermediary or holding company is required to register with the NJCCC and meet the same basic standards for approval as a casino licensee; provided, however, that the NJCCC, with the concurrence of the Director of the NJDGE, may waive compliance by a publicly-traded corporate holding company as to any officer, director, lender, underwriter, agent or employee thereof, or person directly or indirectly holding a beneficial interest or ownership of the securities of such company, where the NJCCC and the Director of the NJDGE are satisfied that such persons are not significantly involved in the activities of the corporate licensee, and in the case of security holders, do not have the ability to control the publicly-traded corporation or elect one or more of its directors.

The NJCCC may require all financial backers, investors, mortgagors, bond holders and holders of notes or other evidence of indebtedness, either in effect or proposed, which bears any relation to the casino project, publicly-traded securities of an entity which holds a casino license or is an entity qualifier, subsidiary, or holding company of a casino licensee a Regulated Company , to qualify as financial sources.

The NJCCC may grant a waiver of qualification to an Institutional Investor holding a higher percentage of such securities upon a showing of good cause and if the conditions specified above are met. Generally, the NJCCC requires each institutional holder seeking waiver of qualification to execute a certification to the effect that:. If an Institutional Investor changes its investment intent, or if the NJCCC finds reasonable cause to believe that it may be found unqualified, the Institutional Investor may take no action with respect to the security holdings, other than to divest itself of such holdings, until it has applied for interim casino authorization and has executed a trust agreement pursuant to such an application.

If the NJCCC finds that a holder of such securities is not qualified under the Casino Control Act, it has the right to take any remedial action it may deem appropriate, including the right to force divestiture by such disqualified holder of such securities. In the event that certain disqualified holders fail to divest themselves of such securities, the NJCCC has the power to revoke or suspend the casino license affiliated with the Regulated Company which issued the securities.

If a holder is found unqualified, it is unlawful for the holder:. With respect to non-publicly-traded securities, the Casino Control Act and NJCCC regulations require that the corporate charter or partnership agreement of a Regulated Company establish:.

With respect to publicly-traded securities, such corporate charter or partnership agreement is required to establish that any such securities of the entity are held subject to the condition that, if a holder thereof is found to be disqualified by the NJCCC, such holder shall dispose of such securities. Whenever any person enters into a contract to transfer any property which relates to an on-going casino operation, including a security of the casino licensee or a holding or intermediary company or entity qualifier, under circumstances which would require that the transferee obtain licensure or be qualified under the Casino Control Act, and that person is not already licensed or qualified, the transferee is required to apply for interim authorization.

Furthermore, the closing or settlement date in the contract may not be earlier than the st day after the submission of a complete application for licensure or qualification together with a fully executed trust agreement in a form approved by the NJCCC. If the NJCCC denies qualification, the contract will be terminated for all purposes, and there will be no liability on the part of the transferor.

If, as the result of a transfer of publicly-traded securities of a Regulated Company or a financing entity of a Regulated Company, any person is required to qualify under the Casino Control Act, that person is required to file an application for licensure or qualification within 30 days after the NJCCC determines that qualification is required or declines to waive qualification. The application must include a fully executed trust agreement in a form approved by the NJCCC, or in the alternative, within days after the NJCCC determines that qualification is required, the person whose qualification is required must divest such securities as the NJCCC may require in order to remove the need to qualify.

The NJCCC may grant interim casino authorization where it finds by clear and convincing evidence that:. If the NJCCC denies qualification to a person who has received interim casino authorization, the trustee is required to endeavor, and is authorized, to sell, assign, convey, or otherwise dispose of the property subject to the trust to such persons who are licensed or qualified or shall themselves obtain interim casino authorization.

The NJCCC may permit a licensee to increase its casino space if the licensee agrees to add a prescribed number of qualifying sleeping units within two years after the commencement of gaming operations in the additional casino space. However, if the casino licensee does not fulfill such agreement due to conditions within its control, the licensee will be required to close the additional casino space, or any portion of thereof that the NJCCC determines should be closed. There is also a tax of 4.

Finally, commencing in state fiscal year , a tax at the rate of 7. Such an agreement shall provide for:. If, at any time, it is determined that a Regulated Company has violated the Casino Control Act, or that any such entity cannot meet the qualification requirements of the Casino Control Act, such entity could be subject to fines or the suspension or revocation of its license or qualification.

The conservator would be required to act under the direct supervision of the NJCCC and would be charged with the duty of conserving, preserving and, if permitted, continuing the operation of such casino hotel. During the period of true conservatorship, a former or suspended casino licensee is entitled to a fair rate of return out of net earnings, if any, on the property retained by the conservator. The NJCCC may also discontinue any conservatorship action and direct the conservator to take such steps as are necessary to affect an orderly transfer of the property of a former or suspended casino licensee.

Casino employees are subject to more stringent requirements than non-casino employees and must meet applicable standards pertaining to financial stability, responsibility, good character, honesty, integrity and New Jersey residency. These requirements have resulted in significant competition among Atlantic City casino operators for the services of qualified employees.

Casinos must follow certain procedures which are outlined in the Casino Control Act when granting gaming credit and recording counter checks which have been exchanged, redeemed or consolidated. Gaming debts arising in Atlantic City in accordance with applicable regulations are enforceable in the courts of the State of New Jersey.

This law called for smoke-free environments in essentially all indoor workplaces and places open to the public including places of business and service-related activities. Once permits are issued, the casinos will have 90 days to commence construction of the enclosures. Borgata submitted its construction plans to the applicable authorities and is waiting on the required approvals.

The operation and management of riverboat casinos, slot machine operations at certain racetracks and live racing facilities in Louisiana are subject to extensive state regulation. The statutory scheme regulating live and off-track betting, or the Horse Racing Act, has been in existence for decades. The Riverboat Act states, among other things, that certain of the policies of the State of Louisiana are:.

The Slots Act states, among other things, that certain policies of the State of Louisiana are:. The Horse Racing Act states, among other things, that certain policies of the State of Louisiana are:. Pursuant to the Gaming Control Act, all of the regulatory authority, control and jurisdiction of licensing for both riverboats and slot facilities was transferred to the Gaming Control Board.

It is domiciled in Baton Rouge and regulates riverboat gaming, the land-based casino in New Orleans, racetrack slot facilities and video poker. The Louisiana legislature also passed legislation requiring each parish county where riverboat gaming is currently authorized to hold an election in order for the voters to decide whether riverboat gaming will remain legal in that parish.

Treasure Chest is located in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The Riverboat Act approved the conducting of gaming activities on a riverboat, in accordance with the Riverboat Act, on twelve separate waterways in Louisiana. The Riverboat Act allows the Gaming Control Board to issue up to fifteen licenses to operate riverboat gaming projects within the state, with no more than six in any one parish. There are presently fifteen licenses issued and thirteen riverboats operating currently. Two riverboats are not operational due to recent storms.

Pinnacle plans to move one riverboat adjacent to its existing property in Lake Charles and move the other to Baton Rouge. Pursuant to the Riverboat Act and the regulations promulgated thereunder, each applicant which desired to operate a riverboat casino in Louisiana was required to file a number of separate applications for a Certificate of Preliminary Approval, all necessary gaming licenses and a Certificate of Final Approval.

No final Certificate was issued without all necessary and proper certificates from all regulatory agencies, including the U. Coast Guard, the U. Army Corps of Engineers, local port authorities and local levee authorities. These licenses have been renewed and are subject to certain general operational conditions and are subject to revocation pursuant to applicable laws and regulations. Annual fees are currently charged to each riverboat project as follows:.

Additionally, each local government may charge a boarding fee or admissions tax. Landry Parish and Bossier Parish. Each facility may, upon proper licensure, operate slot machines in up to 15, square feet of gaming space. Gaming licenses and approvals are issued by the Gaming Control Board, and are subject to revocation for any cause deemed reasonable by the Gaming Control Board.

Extensive regulations concerning accounting, internal controls, underage patrons and other aspects of slot machine operations have been promulgated by the Gaming Control Board. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations can result in substantial fines and the suspension or revocation of the license to conduct slot machine operations. Sundays from the hours of p. Gaming Control Board. At any time, the Gaming Control Board may investigate and require the finding of suitability of any stockholder, beneficial stockholder, officer or director of Boyd Gaming or of any of its subsidiaries.

Additionally, if a shareholder who must be found suitable is a corporate or partnership entity, then the shareholders or partners of the entity must also submit to investigation. Pursuant to the regulations promulgated by the Gaming Control Board, all licensees are required to inform the Gaming Control Board of all debt, credit, financing and loan transactions, including the identity of debt holders.

Our subsidiaries, Treasure Chest Casino, L. In addition, the Gaming Control Board, in its sole discretion, may require the holders of such debt securities to file applications and obtain suitability certificates from the Gaming Control Board.

Although the Riverboat Act and the Slots Act do not specifically require debt holders to be licensed or to be found suitable, the Gaming Control Board retains the discretion to investigate and require that any holders of debt securities be found suitable under the Riverboat Act or the Slots Act.

Additionally, if the Gaming Control Board finds that any holder exercises a material influence over the gaming operations, a suitability certificate will be required. If the Gaming Control Board determines that a person is unsuitable to own such a security or to hold such an indebtedness, the Gaming Control Board may propose any action which it determines proper and necessary to protect the public interest, including the suspension or revocation of the license.

The Gaming Control Board may also, under the penalty of revocation of license, issue a condition of disqualification naming the person s and declaring that such person s may not:. Pari-mutuel betting and the conducting of live horse race meets in Louisiana are strictly regulated by the Louisiana State Racing Commission, which we refer to as the Racing Commission.

In order to be approved to conduct a live race meet and to operate pari-mutuel wagering including off-track betting , an applicant must show, among other things:. Approval was also granted to conduct live race meets and to operate pari-mutuel wagering at the Delta Downs facility and to conduct off-track wagering at Delta Downs.

The term of these licenses is ten years. The Mississippi Commission has adopted regulations that are also similar in many respects to the Nevada gaming regulations.

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