dead space 2 video game

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Dead space 2 video game the torturador game 2

Dead space 2 video game

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I love this game because it pushes you into rationing your every move, as if I was there myself. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time not knowing what's coming out of every corner. The Dead Space team did a wonderful job on the story. With those who pay attention to the powerful metaphor, there is a deeper message that connects the story in what's going on today. I was intrigued by the multilayer function on xbox live, in my opinion the fun doesn't last that long.

It didn't run flawlessly as a video game, but the story and intensity struck a chord within me that few games can pull off. This game is worth it's price. Dead Space 2 is an amazing game. I'm going to write about its scary moments, cool kills, and how much I dig the main character's internal struggle, but Dead Space 2 is about more than this. When I beat it for the first time, I sat on the couch with my heart racing and dissected the journey I had just taken.

Then, I started my second playthrough, and when that was done, I jumped into a new game for the third time. Dead Space 2 is just that good. It's been three years since the events of the first game, but protagonist Isaac Clarke still can't catch a break. At the beginning of Dead Space 2, he wakes on a space station known as the Sprawl and finds the place is overwhelmed by an outbreak of reanimated corpses called Necromorphs.

From the very first moment of the game, Isaac's fighting for h is life. This is where you come in. As Isaac, you'll pick up your plasma cutter, don an engineering suit and take the fight to the beasts out to kill you. The overarching goal is to find and destroy the religious idol known as the Marker causing all of this, but the story that makes Dead Space 2 great is the internal war Isaac's fighting.

Unlike Uncharted's Nathan Drake who can kill a few hundred pirates and never seem worn down by it, Isaac is totally ruined by the events of the original Dead Space. He saw things no man should have to during his time on the spaceship USG Ishimura, but it's the fact that Isaac's girlfriend died on the vessel after he encouraged her to work there that really haunts him.

Isaac's losing his mind in Dead Space 2. The guilt is tearing his very sanity apart. That's heavy stuff and it makes for a really engaging story. Isaac doesn't let anyone else in on the fact that he's coming unglued, so as a player I get to see who he really is and the facade he presents to the other characters.

Isaac's internal conversations and hallucinations are among my favorite parts of this game. But I have lots of favorite parts to Dead Space 2. Right behind Isaac's struggle on my list of cool stuff is the combat. It's more satisfying than it was in the original. Isaac's fast and light on his feet. You can stomp crates in a jiff and melee attack bodies for loot, grabbing things with your telekinesis is responsive, and mixing all of this together with the different weapons in the game is a blast.

Slowing down a Necromorph, blowing off its arm, and using the severed limb to impale the foe on a wall is a thing of beauty that doesn't get old. Dead Space 2 is pretty much the best haunted house attraction ever. Visceral stripped out the stuff that slowed down the original game backtracking, getting disoriented, etc.

You're funneled down these halls and corridors on your way from Point A to Point B, and ghouls pop out for you to blast. I know that "linear" is a bad word in the video game industry, but the package is so well done here that I can't knock Dead Space 2 for taking me on a very specific ride that's marked by awesome moments, environments that range from a cheery schoolhouse to pitch black rooms, and sound that's so well done I'd find myself trying to figure out if it was a monster making its move or my dog rummaging in the living room.

Toss in some new disturbing enemies and surprises I won't ruin for you and you have a game that can feel like "the same old thing" at times but becomes much more than that as a whole. Dead Space 2 Microsoft Xbox , 4. In the lonely role of a sole survivor on a deep-space station, players use commandeered firearms and makeshift traps to overcome a relentless onslaught of gruesome mutant space zombies.

The game is set on a large, heavily populated space station called the Sprawl, where the hero was taken to recover from the terrors he experienced in the first adventure. The soul-wrenching malady that devastated the base he was sent to explore in the first game seems somehow to have followed Isaac to his haven in the second adventure, however, and the Sprawl is soon infested with Necromoprhs -- hideously mutated creatures, single-mindedly devoted to death and destruction.

Knowing firsthand the merciless evil he faces, Isaac is more aggressive in his second adventure, focusing not only on his own survival, but also on destroying as many Necromorph monsters as he can along the way. Once again, the deep-space, zero-gravity environments create unusual third-person action challenges, and also provide opportunities for clever cause-and-effect sequences, such as blasting through an airlock so that deadly enemies are pulled helplessly into the vacuum of space.

As he progresses through the adventure, Isaac can gain custom upgrades to his attributes and special abilities, and he can also make use of a powered-up javelin, to impale monsters and pin them to the wall. Defeated enemies whose corpses are left behind have a tendency to revive, and attack with renewed fervor unless they are completely dismembered, adding to the graphic ghastliness.

As in the first game -- and most great survival horror adventures -- the fear and tension in Dead Space 2 are intensified by dynamic audio, creepy video effects, and other atmospheric techniques. See the full gallery. As he makes his way to remove the code from within his brain, that is slowly turning him insane, and destroy the new marker, Isaac comes across Ellie Langford, a CEC pilot who lost her crew during the outbreak, finally Isaac meets his equal.

Written by No Name. Best game play if you want to play dead space and you're new to it, start with number two because it brings all the action of one and three together. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Set three years after the events of the first, Isaac Clarke's fight against a new Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, a space station above Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Writer: Jeremy Bernstein.

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I f you think things are bad at the moment, just be thankful you're not Isaac Clarke.

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Dead space 2 video game Casino game red ball
Virtual families 2 free online game no download Unless you're just plain chicken, this is a sci-fi horror adventure you definitely want to suit up for. The other sites will have to pick up the pieces. It is a bit puerile but also perfectly appropriate that the main marketing Web site for the game is Yourmomhatesthis. Was this review helpful to you? Off-topic Review Activity. Tricking Ellie into boarding a ship, Isaac remotely forces it to depart so she can escape.
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Dead space 2 video game Both normal and zero-G environments may be in areas within the vacuum dead space 2 video game outer space; in these situations, Isaac must refill his limited oxygen supply via oxygen dispensers. Mixed: 34 out of Dead Space 2, which is available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox and Windows I played mostly on Windows on a hunky rig from AMDmaintains the discipline of the original but orients it in a slightly different direction. Aliens introduced space marines, the power loader exosuit, and the Alien Queen; Dead Space 2 gives us scenes of Isaac flying around in zero-g, mowing down Necromorphs with an assault rifle while wearing 'space marine' armor, and confidently throwing explosives with his telekinetic powers. The player regularly encounters zero-G environments, where Isaac is capable of maneuvering in all directions with thrusters attached to his suit. Million dollar eclypse casino tulsa ok the government sector, Isaac and Ellie repurpose a mining drill to bore an entrance. Isaac's Kinesis ability to pick up objects and fire them has been made vastly more responsive, so that it now has a part to play in combat.

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Bring the Terror to Space. Three years after the Necromorph infestation aboard the USS Ishimura, Isaac Clarke awakens from a coma, confused, disoriented, and on a space station called The Sprawl. Just as his health begins to improve…. Just as his health begins to improve, The Sprawl is overrun with even more advanced forms of the alien-zombie hybrids.

Explore this open world and its massive zero-gravity environments to discover the truth about the Unitology cult and its role in the Necromorph epidemic. Will you survive or let the madness claim you, too? Game Features: Enter the Sprawl. The threat facing Isaac is no longer confined to a singular space station. You'll face Necromorphs in Zero G environments. Strap on your suit boosters, blast through the Church of Unitology, and jet across the Solar Array.

Fight a deadlier enemy. New Necromorph breeds await, including the stealthy Stalker strain and creepy, infested children known as The Pack. Use your unconventional arsenal of traditional firearms, like the mine-shooting Detonator, and weaponized engineering tools, like the rapid-fire Rivet Gun, and you just might make it out alive. Are you crazy? Delve into the mysteries surrounding the Necromorph infestation and learn more about Isaac Clarke's tortured past.

You may even catch a glimpse of the elusive engineer's face as he interacts with the precious few survivors aboard The Sprawl. Add to wishlist. You can check out in your preferred language, but please note all correspondence we send you will be in the Origin store's default language for your region. Sales tax may apply for your region.

Upon exiting his mind, Isaac slumps to the ground, ready to accept his fate as the violent destruction of the Marker leads to the collapse of the station. Suddenly, Isaac receives a call from Ellie , who crashes the gunship through the ceiling. As Titan Station collapses, Isaac makes his way onto the gunship and they escape. After the credits, an audio transmission is heard between two people, an unknown subordinate and his ranking superior known only as "the Overseer" from one of the text logs that can be collected during the course of the game.

The subordinate relays that Titan Station known as 'Marker Site 12' and the Marker has been destroyed. The gameplay in Dead Space 2 is far more varied than in Dead Space. Players are now required to hack to access certain areas, which is managed via a minigame. Kinesis is now faster and now allows for impalement using pointed objects such as a Slasher 's blades, a mop, and poles.

Players can now navigate zero-gravity environments in degree motion, via a system of thrusters attached to Isaac's RIG. Like the first game, the primary enemies are the ' Necromorphs '; heavily mutated human corpses. The game is completely linear, with no tram stops or loading screens throughout the story. Also unlike the first game, chapters are not named in-game. Dead Space 2 is the first game of the series to offer objective based competitive multiplayer.

Taking on the roles of either a team of up to four Sprawl Security Officers or a pack of up to four Necromorph players, the Security Officer players must complete objectives, such as arming a powerful bomb, while the Necromorph players must attempt to stop them from completing their objectives. Dead Space 2: Severed is a downloadable content that expands the single-player campaign of Dead Space 2. On the 24 of February , an official patch was released for PC, Giving players access to the Supernova , Hazard and Martial Law Packs for free, as well as key-binding and numerous bug fixes.

The Collector's Edition comes with those included in the Standard Edition and the following:. Both packs also include a jet pack. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Spoilers end here. The nightmare is over but it will not end!

The holographic health meter of the Advanced RIG. A page of drawings and writing, most likely created by Stross as it references his guilt avoidance after killing his family. A Visceral employee holding the Plasma Cutter collectible item. Dead Space 2 Launch Trailer. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Necromorphs 1 Brethren Moons.

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Views Read Edit View history. I love the challenge dead space 2 video game but I can see others getting frustrated because all they want to big casino marvel is run. For me it's not a con in the first game it kind of make you take the role of Isaac tight corridors, and you never get a sense that you're in a giant space city. Dead space 2 takes place xbox the day it came. I felt that some of minutes of the game are until near the end of. The game was pretty much that great, but I did fall in love with the of a story. I played it for about. January 14, January 13, BigPond. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered code" to play online and to other games.

Dead Space 2 is a science fiction survival horror video game, developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox , released in January Is this game relevant to you? Subscribe for instant access to Dead Space™ 2 and a collection of EA's best-loved titles with EA Play! Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce or better (, GS, and are below. Dead Space 2 is a third-person survival horror video game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to Dead Space, and was released on January 25, in the United States, on January 27, in Europe and was released on January 28, in the United Kingdom.