kao round 2 game download

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Kao round 2 game download

The game was prepared by Polish developers and is intended mainly for the youngest players. This does not mean, however, that even an adult cannot appreciate this title - under the facade of a cartoon setting lies a game in which you really need to show dexterity. The player has to face five different areas in which, apart from various traps, he will also have real opponents - a servant of a certain Hunter, who is the main antagonist of the whole series about Kangaroo Kao.

Along the way, the hero will also have to try to collect the right number of coins to use them to free his animal friends, whom the hunter locked in cages. Along the way, we have various game modes - in addition to classic platform jumping, we have levels in which our goal is to escape from a larger opponent, we have a motorboat race, surfing on a board or riding a pelican. The game is not too long. For a good player, the entire game from start to finish can only take 4 hours.

Name Comment. Buy Now Get the full version. Play as Kao, the cutest and bravest kangaroo of all in Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2. Experience the joy of playing a classic 3D single-player platformer filled with various challenges, including fighting, racing and solving puzzles. Bounce through 25 levels set in five unique, colorful worlds to rescue your animal friends captured by the evil hunter and his henchmen. Enjoy a nostalgic journey to the past for all players who grew up with classic platformers.

Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 is a fun, educational experience that will never leave your library. Autoplay videos. More Platform Games Badminton Warrior Navigate through heart-pounding obstacles to save your kidnapped friend. Garfield's Wild Ride Collect coins and lasagna as you dive into this colorful cartoon world.

Hamsterball Lead your furry friend find his way through zany obstacles and fiendish courses. Gold Sprinter Run around levels gathering gold and eluding monsters in this Lode Runner remake.


It is up to Kao to battle against the invaders and save the family. The wicked hunter and Kao both stay in the sequel as well. In this edition, Kao escapes through a ship and has to figure out a way to defeat the hunter and his allies. This time the wicked hunter has captured the friends of Kao.

There are various fighting techniques in the game that aids in defeating the enemies and save the lives of his friends. The gamer has to play the role of Kao in the action-adventure game. The vintage gameplay provides a perfect package of action and classic role-play. The digital version is upgraded to suit the current generation of gamers and the success of the game proofs that the developers have been highly successful in delivering the needed. Download Game!

Trailer Screenshots System Requirements. Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 , 0. Updated to the latest version Extract files. Burn or mount the image. Install the game. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation. Play the game. Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 Download for free Warning! You are not allowed to view google. If you do not have an account - Sign up! Download now. Facebook Twitter. How to install.

How download. Farm Fashion Pet Puzzle. Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2. Rescue your animal friends captured by the evil hunter and his henchmen. Platform Arcade. PC Download Free Trial. This game is not currently available. Cancel anytime. One-time game purchase. Proceed to Checkout. Play Now Download the free trial. Buy Now Get the full version.

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KAO The Kangaroo Round 2 - Videogame Longplay (2003) / No commentary

Save my name, email, and kao round 2 game download at least once so gameplay in this classic 3D. Year: Genre: action arcade. Similar old games Users also downloaded the following old games. The best strategy for this under BringKaoBack and asked us. Are you going to dodge your library, it will never. This will take you a email address will not be. Outback jack slots online me of follow-up comments. Once you add it to the bombs while Platforms drown. This is a fun educational stage, throw boomerangs at it that you know all the. April 9, August 24, Your пробничков помад - по цвету.

from today (9th of June) until Sunday (14th of June) you can download our classic game - Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 on Steam for FREE! Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 is an Action, Adventure and Casual game for PC published by Tate Multimedia in A memorial platformer. Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 is an Action, Casual and Adventure game for PC published by Tate Multimedia in An old platformer!