gambling tennis

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Gambling tennis

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We'll get to her in a bit. No matter her section of the draw, Jabeur is by far the most talented player with at least to 1 odds to win the tournament. Her trending UTR rates her at the ninth-best competitor in the tournament, while DraftKings lists her as the 25th overall favorite.

Jabeur loves the conditions in Australia, and even with her improved fitness, she will undoubtedly benefit from the extra days rest allotted at Grand Slams. After a down year, it appears that the big Italian is back. The last unseeded major champion was Gaston Gaudio in , and the thought of an unseeded player winning the Australian Open feels like an utter impossibility. Pospisil has the firepower and net prowess to trouble Medvedev.

Handicap betting is a lot like spread betting in other sports. It aims to spot a number of games to the underdog to give them a fair playing field. Ideally, if the line is set correctly, the player who performs better than their expectations will be the winning bet.

The handicap bet is completely independent of the outcome of the match. What this is saying is that Player A is the favorite in this match. They assume that they are going to win by 2. As you might expect, this means that they think Player B is going to lose by 2. Whoever you bet on, as long as they outperform this prediction, you win your bet.

Now, we know you are wondering why it says half games 2. This is to prevent ties. Basically, if Player A wins by three games which is more than 2. If Player A wins by only two games or less or loses all less than 2. Remember, this has nothing to do with the outcome of the match, but only the games won. We add up the total games won, and we see that Player A won fifteen games and Player B won fourteen games.

Player A won one more game than Player B. This means that even though Player A won the match, bets on Player B would win because Player B outperformed their prediction. They were supposed to lose by 2. Player A was supposed to win by 2. This sort of betting can be applied to more than just games won.

It can also be applied to the number of sets won in a particular match. You can also try your hand at 3-way handicap betting, which is exactly the same except you have the ability to bet on a tie in the number of games or sets won. What does this mean in simpler terms?

You are either going to bet that the match ends in straight sets by taking the under 2. Straight sets would be two sets, which is under 2. Three sets is, well, three sets, which is over 2. If the match is predicted to end in straight sets, expect to get paid better if you correctly pick the over and vice versa. These bets allow you to try and predict the exact score of each set or the exact number of sets won by each opponent.

As you can imagine, this is probably pretty challenging. This means that you should expect a pretty healthy payday if you nail one of these bets. Let say that Player A and Player B are playing, and you want to make an exact score bet on the first set.

For some reason, you think Player A is going to crush Player B and win You can place an exact score bet on this, and if you are correct, you will win big. You have to be precise. Tennis prop bets can be a fun and profitable way for you to make some money betting on the sport. Prop bets are wagers where the sportsbook proposes something to happen, and you bet on whether or not you think that is going to happen.

Here are some examples of prop bets you might see in tennis:. You will sometimes see a few of these prop bets made available at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, but that is usually only for the biggest of tournaments, and even then, the options are limited. How do these prop bets work? Payout odds will be adjusted based on the likelihood of the prop hitting, so make sure you take a minute to make sure the risk is worth the reward for your bet. Prop bets can be a lot of fun and can really enhance the tennis betting experience.

Just make sure that you are betting prop bets that require skill to predict like the examples listed above and nothing crazy and wild that is just gambling. Your equipment bag is now filled to the brim with all of the tools, tips, and strategies that you need to master the world of tennis betting. You see, knowing the correct strategies and the right places to bet is only part of the puzzle.

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Bundesliga Bundesliga 1. Rugby League. Rugby Union. Bundesliga North Women 2. Ligi 1. Water polo. My Coupon. Betting Tools. Top Events. Premier League. Serie A. Ligue 1. Champions League. Europa League. Six Nations. All events. Read more. Online Wallets. ATP Buenos Aires clay 1. ATP Santiago clay ATP Santiago Doubles clay 8. WTA Lyon hard 1. WTA Lyon Doubles hard 1.

ATP Marseille hard ATP Marseille Doubles hard 8. Biella 3 Challenger Men hard Biella 3 Challenger Men Doubles hard 8. Nur-Sultan 2 Challenger Men hard 1. WTA Guadalajara hard ATP Rotterdam hard 1. ATP Rotterdam Doubles hard 1. In Australia access to tennis footage is mixed between free-to-air and paid subscribers, with a few live streaming bonuses from a particular bookmaker to boot.

The Australian Open and Wimbledon is beamed out free to all Australians on Channel 9 and punters can live stream all the action via the Nine Now app. If you want to take your tennis fandom more seriously, you can subscribe to Foxtel and Kayo, which will follow more professional tournaments and other majors — like the French Open and US Open — that may not make it to free-to-air.

For even more tennis live streaming, Bet broadcasts selected games throughout the year on their app to members. Home Tennis. Barty Party? Australian Open 19 Feb Load More. Tennis is one of the most popular gambling markets for punters all around the world.

Tennis Bookmaker Odds. Tennis Betting Options. Here is an outline of the most popular markets: Head-to-head betting: This market is pretty simple — you pick the winner of the match, you win the bet. Set betting: In set betting punters can find odds on who wins a particular set, the length of a set, the number of games in a set and how many games a set will go for. Correct score first set: The all-important first set is a popular betting market for punters who want some quick returns in what can be a very long game.

Games handicap: The games handicap is a tool for bookmakers to even out the odds and provide a more competitive match, in terms of betting. A games handicap could look something like this: Federer Tennis Multi Betting. Betting on Tennis Majors. French Open: The second major tournament of the year is held in Paris over two weeks from late May to June.

Wimbledon: Wimbledon is the oldest and most iconic tennis major on the professional circuit, played in the United Kingdom in the first two weeks of July. Tennis Bet of the Day. Tennis Live Streaming. Stay up to date with the weekly tennis markets and what's to come with help from the Bet sporting calendar.