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Belgium gambling casinos

Their website contains a wealth of sources and links of interest. Thus the National lottery falls under the application of the Act of 19 April on the rationalisation of the functioning and of the management of the National Lottery. All other lotteries fall under the remit of the Act of 31 December on lotteries.

Webdesign by Savant Media Webdevelopment by Acsone. Recent News List of banned gambling websites Sep 16, Here you can find the black list of the gambling websites that are illegal according to the Gaming Commission. Update Coronavirus: date of reopening Apr 28, The Gaming Commission is aware of the crisis that is hitting the gambling operators at the moment.

If you still have any questions after reading the website, please contact us. You will find our contact details at the top right of each page. You can find us on the social media as well. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Recommendations Did you know Gaming industry providers must, depending on the nature of their activities, obtain one or more of the following licences:.

Applications should be filed with the Gaming Commission by registered letter containing the form that can be found in Annex 1 of several Royal Decrees:. For Class G and F licences, an electronic procedure is also possible. Every licence held by a natural person requires that the person is in full possession of their civil and political rights and behaves in a manner which fulfils the requirements of their position.

If the licensee is a legal entity, its directors and managers need to meet those same requirements. Legal entities which cannot be a non-profit organisation should be incorporated in compliance with Belgian law, or the law of an EU Member State. A holder of licence A, B, E, F1 or F2 needs to present proof of their credibility and financial capacity and must at all times give the Commission meticulous intelligence which offers transparency, the operations and the identity of the shareholders, and it must monitor all future alterations in these matters.

All holders of licences A or B have to be registered in the Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen companies register as a commercial company. There are only nine A licences available in Belgium article 29 , which means that there are only nine casinos within the entire country. In each of these municipalities, only one casino is allowed, and only after the municipality enters into a concession agreement with the applicant. Both table games and automatic games are allowed; the average hourly loss for each game is set at 70 EUR.

A licence A can only be granted to applicants in possession of a valid concession delivered by the municipality in which the Class 1 gaming establishment is to be located. At present, there are licence Bs, of which are actually in use by a licence holder. A law change decided to bring this number down to by the end of A licence B establishment cannot be established in close proximity to schools, hospitals, places frequently visited by youths, places of worship or prisons. The average hourly loss is set at 25 EUR.

To be granted a licence B, the licensee needs to present an agreement, as delivered by the municipality in which the Class 2 gaming establishment would be located, which is concluded on the condition of the granting of the licence. The number of F1 licensees is limited to 34 on Belgian territory. Mobile betting offices are limited to a total of 60 licence F2 holders. Fixed offices are limited to 1, licence holders. Following a law change, this number will be brought down to by the end of Licences can be revoked or suspended if licence conditions are no longer met.

There is no periodical review, but there is constant monitoring by the Gambling Commission. Please include in this answer any material promotion and advertising restrictions. The key limit for licence As is the minimum age of customers for entering a casino, set at For licence B establishments, the minimum age for entry is It is forbidden to place a restaurant or bar in the area where gambling activities take place.

For licence Cs, the minimum age for customers is 18, but contrary to licence As and Bs, the law does not make age verification at the doors obligatory. The taxation of games of chance is a regional competence, so each of the three regions has separate tax rates. At present, taxes are collected by the Federal Government, but as of January 1, , the Flemisch Region will take responsibility for tax collection on its territory.

There are exclusions from this tax, including: national lotteries; pigeon races, if the participant is the one wagering; and games of chance organised by non-profit organisations. This amount is levied on the gross margin. Besides this general taxation system, casinos are also taxed on the gross margin, depending on the type of game played. A fixed tax is levied on the gaming machines themselves, which is applicable to machines in Class A, B and C establishments.

The game room has to be kept strictly separated from spaces in the gaming establishment that serve a different purpose, and also from spaces outside the gaming establishment that are accessible to the public, so that the gambling games cannot be followed from outside the game room.

A draft of a Code of Ethics has been on the table for over three years now, but has yet to be approved. This Code will most likely include the following subjects:. In October , the sector has agreed upon a self-regulation Sector Code on Advertising for Gambling Activities, including, among others, the obligation to refrain from advertising towards minors and to incorporate warning messages in all advertising materials.

Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated? There are no specific rules regulating the use of virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies. Andries, N. Carette and N. Hoekx, Die Keure, , Value can be defined as the degree of usability.

Specifically, items that the player finds useful or nice and for which he pays money. The Gaming Commission and the Highest Belgian administrative court The Raad van State or Council of State consider that neither the purchase of the game nor the subscriptions that are connected to games for playing online can be considered as a wager, but only the amounts that constitute real compensation for participating in the game and where it is possible for the wager either in its original amount or augmented to be returned to the player in the form of profit Judgment no.

A differentiation must be made between a created currency value in the regular course of the game game-play currency and the paid currency in-game currency. Game-play currency consists of virtual currencies points, coins, crystal, etc. It is a type of virtual reward system for the player. Usually he will be able to bet these currencies in the game at some point. The situation is different when it comes to currencies that can be purchased directly with money in-game currency. Online activity is restricted, in the sense that a Belgian licence is required, and the required licences can only be acquired if the applicant can link his online activities to a land-based establishment that has the appropriate Belgian licence.

Licences from foreign jurisdictions are not recognised. Foreign operators need to acquire a Belgian licence. If they wish to offer online services, they need both the land-based and the online licence or they need to seek cooperation with the holder of a Belgian licence land-based and online.

This licence is also linked in its duration to the licence F1. Mobile gambling in-phone games requires a G1 licence, while media games require a G2 licence. Both activities are under the scrutinous watch of the Gaming Commission. Natural persons, chairmen, managers and representatives shall bear civil liability. The same rule is applicable to shareholders of corporations that are not legal entities if the shareholders, managers or representatives have breached the relevant legislation.

Unregulated supplies are strictly forbidden. Only supplies that are regulated and approved are legal. It currently contains around providers.


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Lastly, G1 is for the televised games of chance while G2 is for the games of chance broadcasted using another media coverage. Gambling, as stated earlier, has attained a height of fame in Belgium. Most — if not all — forms of gambling are legal, licensed and regulated.

Poker, lottery, and sports especially football betting are particularly popular amongst Belgium natives and residents. As long as a company is licensed and regulated by Belgium Gaming Commission, the company can carry out gambling operations according to the license acquired.

The country features a total number of 79 gambling facilities consisting of 74 casinos and five racetracks. Gambling is a nationwide pastime so everything related to gambling and casinos is made easy in Belgium.

Additionally, the country offers a distinct feature: an opportunity for French, Dutch, German, or mixed speakers to enjoy a variety of casino games. In Belgium, most cities and towns feature one gambling facility. Therefore, there are 57 cities and towns with one or more gambling facilities in Belgium.

Grand Casino de Namur offers gaming machines and table games as the second largest casino. Casino Kursaal Oostende is the third largest gambling facility in Belgium, with gaming machines and 20 table games. Napoleon Games Grand Casino Knokke — the oldest Belgian casino — is the fourth largest facility, with gaming machines and 18 table games.

There is a wide variety of gambling and gaming options in Belgium. Poker tournaments and cash games often hold as well. In addition to casinos, there are more than amusement arcades in Belgium. These arcades are permitted to offer slot machines exclusively. Bingo, on the other hand, is not popular in Belgium.

Amongst the total 79 gambling facilities, only a few — and the National Lottery — offer bingo games. Horse racing is loved in Belgium, considering the five hippodromes operating in the country. Online gambling in Belgium works in a distinct way. The local legislation makes a distinction between several license types. Each one is outlined in brief below.

Type A licenses allow approved operators to provide class 1 casino gaming products. Type B permits cover amusement arcades. Venues that serve alcoholic and other beverages, such as cafes, restaurants, and bars, need type C permits for the operation of up to two games such as bingo. The provision of physical sports wagers calls for the issuance of a type F license. The application form is sent to the interested parties by the regulator itself although type F licenses can be filled in electronically.

Natural persons applying for licenses should be based in member states of the European Union. According to Article 29 of the Belgian gambling legislation, the total number of type A permits for landbased casinos is restricted to no more than 9. The permits allow for the provision of gaming machines and table games. Respectively, such products should not be located near places such as hospitals, churches, prisons, and schools.

The number of physical sportsbooks should not exceed 34 in the country. The cap on online and mobile sportsbooks is set to Casino licenses, for example, expire after fifteen years. The Belgian Gaming Commission is always on the watch for violations, in which case the permits of the transgressors are either suspended or altogether revoked. Gambling taxes fall within the scope of Wetboek van de met de inkomstenbelastingen gelijkgestelde belastingen , which is the Belgian Code of taxes assimilated to the income tax.

More specifically, operators are taxed under the provisions outlined in articles 43 through All gambling-related taxation goes toward the federal coffers, the only exception being the region of Flanders which gets to keep the taxes collected on its territory. Bets on pigeon races, along with the national lottery, are not taxed but only on condition the participants are the ones betting. These percentages apply to landbased gambling.

As for Belgian players, they are not taxed on gains generated at physical or remote casinos. Gambling debts are also not enforceable in the country. Licensed terrestrial and online gambling operators must ensure only persons of legal gambling age have access to their products and services.

Individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from placing wagers. Another important condition where social responsibility is concerned requires the gambling areas in landbased casinos to be separated from other spaces, such as bars and restaurants. The activities on the gaming floor should not be visible to people outside. Various protective measures are in place to prevent gambling addiction as well as to help those who are already addicted.

Responsible gambling is embraced in the country , with operators being required to promote it in prominent places. Relatives or problem gamblers themselves are entitled to the right to request denied access to gambling services, a practice otherwise known as self-exclusion. The country also has an official registry of excluded persons who are blacklisted from gambling participation.

Also important is to mention that certain groups of people are prohibited from gambling, even if they are not excluded for addiction. Such is the case with magistrates, bailiffs, policemen, and notaries. It is available around the clock, so if you do have a gambling problem and are from Belgium, all you have to do is dial 35 Another option is to visit the official website Gok Hulp where you will find free assessment tests, an anonymous program for gambling addicts, and free guidance on how to quit or reduce your betting.

Various restrictions are in place on gambling-related advertisements. One chief example is showing online gambling commercials on television, which is strictly prohibited in Belgium. This applies to both type A and type B products, namely casino games and arcades. According to the regulatory authority, data analysis has indicated this has led to an increase in wagering activities during the playoffs of soccer games.

Apparently, many viewers were prompted to place bets upon seeing such commercials on television. The regulator was worried viewers might assume sports and betting are closely linked, which, in turn, might lead to the normalization of gambling. These concerns resulted in the prohibition of gambling commercials during the broadcasts of sporting events.

Additionally, the Royal Decree of October that enforced the restriction states that the advertisements should not contain any drawings or marketing techniques that might hold appeal with children and minors, in general. But advertising is not the only thing operators should refrain from. According to Article 5 of said Royal Decree, licensed operators should not advertise free games or bonuses except on their own domains.

Players should not be encouraged by the ads to gamble with promises of refunds or other bonuses. The restrictions came into force in the spring of Before that, the Belgian Council of State said these restrictions are practically irrelevant since offering bonuses to local gamblers is illegal in the first place. This caused gambling operators in the country to deactivate offers such as free spins, welcome bonuses, and free bets as of March All terrestrial and virtual gambling activities in Belgium are strictly overseen and controlled by the local regulatory body , Kansspelcommissie , or the Belgium Gaming Commission.

The latter is tasked with multiple responsibilities, including approving and issuing licenses to gambling operators. Of course, the regulatory body keeps a sharp eye on the operations of its licensees. There you can learn about all the preventive measures the Commission has adopted to protect vulnerable players and minors from experiencing the harmful effects of gambling.

This is a five-episode film that targets young audiences aged 14 to 18 to warn them about the dangers associated with persistent gambling. Another mandate of the Belgium Gaming Commission is to keep watch for unregulated operators that target players from the local market without its authorization. The regulator never relaxes its vigilance against such companies, constantly expanding its blacklist of banned domains. The Commission also warns players not to engage in gambling on such websites because this might lead to criminal prosecution.

The Commission is headed by Ms. Magali Clavie, who is also a magistrate. Belgium is home to a stringently regulated gambling market. Local players lack a broad enough choice of online casinos because of a requirement that stipulates remote operators must be linked to a landbased gambling hall, located in the country. This partially works to the benefit of local gamblers because it allows for higher levels of protection. Yet, it also causes many of them to take their action to unauthorized foreign websites.

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