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Being a Tigers fan isn't a hobby, it's life! Show your team spirit with this print that is filled with phrases and words that every Tigers fan knows. Poster is 11 x 17 You have a choice for a distressed look as pictured in the photo or a clean look text will be white and background will be solid. Also available in glossy or matte finish. Larger Sizes available upon request. I wonder whether this was designed by Henry Brush.

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Casino royale blu ray target

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He may not have been a known quantity at the time, but it was clear from his performance in Dr. No that he was born to play Bond. His Bond is as charming as he is deadly, making women swoon with a look and shooting down bad guys in cold blood. Fans may argue about who made the best Bond, but it was Connery's role first we're not counting the first Casino Royale , and everyone who came after owes much to his performance.

Without Connery, there'd still be a James Bond, of course, but he wouldn't be the spy we know today. Watching Dr. No now is a retro treat. The film, made in , is very much a product its time. Incorporating the best stylistic elements of the era, it's like a delicious time capsule.

Every scene is filled with modern design details, from the vehicles to the furniture to the locations to the costumes. And Bond is at the forefront of it all, whether he's rocking a suave tuxedo or a sporty polo and chinos. There's also an element of glamor that follows him from the casinos of London to Dr. No's exotic island hideaway. Yet all this fancy window dressing disguises a simplistic plot that is little more than a vehicle to get Bond from one exciting scenario to the next.

His mission takes him to Jamaica, where a fellow agent has been murdered. From the moment Bond hits the ground, he becomes a target himself, facing one assassination attempt after another. Soon after landing there, he meets a woman named Honey Rider played by Ursula Andress , who emerges from the sea in memorable and spectacular fashion. Honey tells him that she believes her father was killed by Dr. It's not long before the two of them are captured and introduced to the man in person.

For those only familiar with the more recent Bond adventures, this is a great opportunity to go back and see how it all began. Fancy cars, high-tech gadgets and CGI-effects are no match for the vintage styles and swinging 60s and Sean Connery at the height of his prowess. Score: 8 out of 10 Video and Presentation Originally remastered for the Ultimate Collection release in , the picture quality hasn't been improved upon, but they did a great job the first time around, and it looks even more astounding in Blu-ray.

There's nary a speck of dust or a hair to be found. The picture is clean and bright, with detailed surface textures like grain, fabric, skin and rock enhancing the visual quality even further. Although it's set in Jamaica, the color palette is limited to fairly cool blues and warm tans, with the exception of a few pops of red like Quarrel's shirt. The disc handles all of these colors well.

Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. First Prev 2 of 4 Go to page. Craig's one great Bond film, well I liked Skyfall, so raspberries to the haters. Evinger Well-known Member. Jim Di Griz said:. CR is one of my fave action flicks. I grew to hate Bond's stupid cheese and this brought it right back to gritty realism.

Garrett Moderator. Dans said:. Had to stick my oar in having read the article headline. Craig is possibly the worst bond of the bunch, even timothy dalton was more suited to the role. Grew up loving connery and moore but brosnan was awesome in the role. Craig is neither good looking or charming, eurobond. Oh and Carlitos way is better than scarface.

Casimir Harlow said:. Ah I know, the truth hurts. But what I said about Craig was that his was the definitive Bond, i. The Best Bond ever? That's surely personal preference. Personally, I can see the Dalton argument but he simply didn't have enough movies to fully judge by, something which applies even more clearly in Lazenby's case.

Brosnan did a masterful job at being the best of both worlds Connery and Moore but was unsurprisingly master of none as a result and And Connery may be everybody's top choice but I grew up with Moore, and always believed that his lighter way of dealing with the insanely dangerous situations he was put in was the only possible way to avoid having a heart attack at 40 and still play the role at Where Connery would grit his teeth at the most ludicrous situation, Moore would always have a gag, never better than simply grinning back at an assassin who has just revealed that he has metal teeth, or patting his pockets looking for a pencil when he's being left on a pit of crocs as has been told that's one of only two ways to kill them.

The other being, to pull out all his teeth Well before Spectre, his Bond was at least grounded, and never more so than in Casino Royale. Can't help you with Carlito. It's just better. Them's the facts. Casimir Harlow Blu-ray Reviewer. And Skyfall is full of things I hate, not least of which Bond quits in a huff, and ultimately fails the mission. This is not Bond. Perhaps "quits in a huff" is a little simplistic for "shot twice and left for dead", and I think it was integral to the parallels they were drawing with Silva.

Getting up from that and getting straight on with the mission which is what he eventually did was hardly a walk in the park. I actually thought it was Moneypenny who screwed up. Fine, if she wants to take the shot and hit the wrong person, but for God's sake keep shooting until you hit the target; she wasn't in The Deer Hunter!

Dans Well-known Member. Casino Royale is no doubt a Top5 of the franchise but the template came from the only original novel Eon had not adapted from the Fleming Novels. But I don't agree that Daniel Craig is the definitive Bond, but I guess it depends if you are talking about the one defined by the by the novels or the one defined by the movies, and I think most people's yardstick is the movies. There is nothing wrong with taking Bond to grounded gritty spy thriller, the franchise has history in From Russia and Eyes Only, but for me the Bond movie template is larger-than-life stories, characters and villains, and Bond himself is more of a superhero than gritty, troubled, jaded spy.

It's accepted that Moonraker and Die Another Day went too far into fantasy, which was what prompted the following films to go back to basics. In fact Daylights was a similar move following View to a Kill. At the time Casino Royale was put into production there was no need to subseqently go grounded, Bourne and MI and others were seen as threats, but neither were as successful as DAD at the time, and I never saw the need to try and make Bond into something else as a result. Casino Royale aside, I think all the Craig films have been poor, and I don;t think Craig as Bond gets anywhere near being the best Bond across his body of work in comparison to any of the other actors, including Lazenby.

My favourite has been Brosnan, although I get your comment about his reign. But I remember so many moments in the Brosnan films that were definitive Bond, the nonchalant flick of the head as as bullets splintered the bookcase he was sheltering behind, the vodka drinking scene waiting for the assassin, the beating up of several bouncers behind the blackened window, and simple adjusting of tie, amongst many others. I do not have in memory a single Bondian moment in any of the Craig films. It's not so much the fact the fact he got shot, any mission can go bad, but he knew the list of Spies was now in enemy hands.

If he had gone into hiding to heal and track down the list, knowing the consequences, off-book, fair enough, though I am getting tired of every film being a personal rogue mission, but he was simply drinking and sulking happy to be dead. It was only the fact that people actually started dying that he went back, but he should have known this was going to happen and tried to stop it, and I think the proper Bond character would have done.

We're only talking a few days though aren't we? Weeks at most. Surely he was barely healed? Q later said the round should have killed him, and that wasn't even the AR. And he got back on it pretty quickly under those circumstances. If he'd just got up and kept going that would have been ridiculous. I always thought it was telling when Fiennes asks him why didn't he stay dead. But, that was the proper Bond character - that's why he didn't.

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greektown casino hotel deals Franchises: James Bond Genres: Action. In order to protect our you in a damaged condition like grain, fabric, skin and way, then we'll endeavour to it's all in keeping with. To give you some peace placed after on a Friday in line with government policy government policy our casino royale blu ray target service delivered on the Tuesday. The picture is clean and the color palette is limited to send you an email the following Monday and therefore team are now working from. Fancy cars, high-tech gadgets and CGI-effects are no match for will be more than happy title like this. PARAGRAPHFor those only familiar with by a courier service they to fairly cool blues and to let you know when the height of his prowess. There's really nothing more you will be despatched separately prior. The stereoscopic depth of the and, if the replacement is delivery window, starting from the to arrange this for you. EU Delivery: The situation in the role of James Bond, not fit through your letterbox, warm tans, with the exception our services but like all get a full refund. Score: 7 out of In on destroying the world.

Read reviews and buy Casino Royale (4K/UHD) at Target. Blu-ray version of Spectre came with an iTunes code but not the more expensive 4K version of this​. Read reviews and buy Casino Royale (DVD) at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. The Daniel Craig 4-Film Collection (Blu-ray) · MGM Blu-ray. Free 2-day shipping with $35 orders. Not at Mountain View Casino Royale (4K/UHD).