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Chinese casino stocks unicorn slot machines

Chinese casino stocks

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An Array of Uncertainties for Melco. With the U. Senate passing a bill that makes things more challenging for Chinese companies to list on its exchanges, around firms are likely to delist from its bourses, according to Bloomberg. Investors will want to keep a close eye on those companies including Melco in the coming months. Shareholders in the company will want to hang tight, however, as Melco gained 6. Bernstein Ltd.

That brought bring their market share control Even though Vegas casino operators will have their local gaming resorts open soon, they will bank on their Macau business to save them. Because of all the positive vaccine news in the past couple of weeks or so, investors have been bullish. That could explain some of the gains that some of these casino operators have seen in the last month-plus.

But if a vaccine arrives when Fauci says it might, it will represent a much-needed win for casino operators. Once a vaccine comes out, casino operators will start churning out profits once again. Casino operators look to their Macau operations to help them recover. Anthony Russo Jun 01,, Source: Statista As part of phase two reopenings, Vegas casinos will reopen on June 4. Fauci Says Vaccine Could Arrive at the End of the Year Even though Vegas casino operators will have their local gaming resorts open soon, they will bank on their Macau business to save them.

Sign in. We reserve the right to remove any content at any time from this Community, including without limitation if it violates the Community Standards. Contact Us Email: info capitalwatch. Melco Crown Entertainment fell 85 cents, or 5.

MGM Resorts International lost 53 cents, or 2. Gambling index had fallen about 31 percent in 12 months. On Wednesday, it lost another 3. The losses came amid another down day on Wall Street. A visitor from New York is going to use her recent shot of good luck to help her family during a trying year.

Businesses across the Las Vegas Valley received the green light to loosen their operating restrictions on Monday, with many allowed to surpass 25 percent capacity for the first time since November. Boyd Gaming Corp. Merging with a blank-check company is the latest trend for private companies ready to hit a stock exchange, especially for those in high-growth industries such as online gaming. John Acres has developed a Hall-of-Fame reputation in the slot machine systems world.

Now, he and son Noah have formed Acres Technology to change the casino floor again. Staff and wire reports. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Unsubscribe at any time. Don't miss the big stories. Like us on Facebook.

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This was a significant concern several years ago. In , China initiated an anti-corruption regulatory crackdown, which greatly reduced the gaming activity in the area. Fortunately for the casinos, the downturn lasted for approximately two years and gaming activity in Macau recovered thereafter. Then the gaming activity in Macau faced another headwind, namely the trade war between the U.

This headwind lasted for only about a year but now Macau is facing its strongest challenge ever, the outbreak of coronavirus, which has caused a huge hit in the gaming business. Casinos were shut down for an extended period due to the coronavirus. Casinos have now reopened but strict visa restrictions and requirements for a negative COVID test have kept tourism at depressed levels and thus they have caused daunting gaming activity in Macau.

The trend was slightly better in November, when gross gaming revenue in Macau declined The high sensitivity of casino stocks to all the developments related to China and their pronounced cyclicality means that investors should pick casino stocks carefully. The company is now facing the headwind of coronavirus in all the regions in which it operates. All the properties of Wynn Resorts were open for nearly the entire third quarter but the results of the company were once again severely impacted by the COVID pandemic due to the enforced restrictions, including quarantine requirements for tourists, requirements for a negative COVID test, limited number of players at tables and slot machines as well as the significant visa restrictions in Macau.

Wynn Resorts has suspended its dividend this year in an effort to conserve capital. On the bright side, some vaccine studies have reported very promising results and billions of vaccines will be distributed worldwide in As a result, Wynn Resorts will have ample room to grow in the upcoming years thanks to its promising growth pipeline. The company has made progress in the design of Crystal Pavilion in Macau, which will be a major tourist attraction.

In addition, Encore Boston Harbor opened in June and has exhibited decent performance so far so it has promising growth prospects ahead thanks to expected ramp-up in activity. Moreover, Wynn Resorts aims to expand to Japan, which legalized casino gambling three years ago, though it will take many years before the company opens a casino in Japan.

Therefore, the stock is carrying an increased amount of risk right now due to its high level of debt. However, we believe that the coronavirus crisis will subside at the second half of next year and we view the long-term growth prospects of the company as intact. We will use this figure to calculate fair value and projected return. In other words, the market has already priced a strong recovery from the pandemic in the stock of Wynn Resorts.

In addition, the stock is markedly volatile due to its high debt load, which is an additional risk factor. As a result, only those who can stomach extreme stock price volatility and have confidence in the ability of Wynn Resorts to navigate through the current crisis may consider buying the stock but even those investors should wait for a better entry point. MGM Resorts owns and operates casinos, hotels and conference halls in the U. The company has the least exposure to Macau in this group of stocks.

As a result, it suffered much less than its peers from the trade war between the U. However, the company is highly exposed to the outbreak of coronavirus, just like its peers. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, MGM Resorts suspended all its casino operations in Las Vegas for a considerable period in the second quarter. The company had all its properties open at the end of the quarter. The high interest rate reflects the desperation of the company for funds and the high debt load of the company.

IAC has a portfolio of brands and digital expertise, which is expected to help MGM Resorts leverage its digital assets. Nevertheless, due to the headwind of coronavirus, along with a huge debt load, shareholders should not expect a material boost in dividends and share repurchases for the foreseeable future. That said, we expect the pandemic to subside at the second half of thanks to the massive distribution of vaccines worldwide.

As soon as the coronavirus crisis comes to an end, MGM Resorts will benefit from these growth drivers. After the massive dividend reduction, returns from dividends will be negligible until the full dividend is restored. Finally, the market has already priced a strong recovery in the stock and hence we expect the valuation multiple of the stock to contract significantly in the upcoming years.

That could be an additional headwind for shareholders. Overall, we expect negative total returns from MGM Resorts over the next five years. Melco Resorts owns and operates casino gaming and entertainment casino resort facilities in Asia. As Melco Resorts is the most leveraged to the gaming activity in Macau in this group of stocks, it is the most vulnerable company to the downturn in the area due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The losses have resulted primarily from the strict travel restrictions in Macau, which requires a negative COVID test from tourists while the issuance of tourist visa has become a lengthy procedure due to the pandemic. On the bright side, some vaccine studies have reported exciting results and hence billions of vaccines will be distributed worldwide in It is thus reasonable to expect the pandemic to subside at the second half of As soon as the effect of coronavirus begins to fade, Melco Resorts has promising growth prospects ahead.

It will benefit from the ramp-up of activity in its Morpheus Resort, which opened in mid, and will attract an increasing number of visitors in Cotai thanks to improvements in mass transportation. Melco Resorts is also expanding its City of Dreams in Macau and is taking steps to open an integrated resort in Yokohama, Japan. It is also developing City of Dreams Mediterranean, which will become the largest integrated resort in Europe.

All these initiatives are likely to be significant growth drivers as soon as Macau returns to normal. On the other hand, due to its extreme leverage to gaming activity in Macau, the stock is highly vulnerable to any negative development related to coronavirus. Therefore, despite the promising growth prospects, investors should hold conservative expectations for Melco.

Moreover, the stock is currently trading at We view the stock as fairly valued and hence we do not expect the valuation of the stock to play a major role in its 5-year return. Therefore, shareholder returns will be fueled by earnings-per-share growth. Given its healthy balance sheet, the company is likely to resume paying dividends once the coronavirus crisis ends.

On the other hand, income-oriented investors should remain cautious, as the company is highly vulnerable to economic downturns and is very sensitive to any casino-related policy change in China and the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

However, the share price succumbed to broad market weakness in October and has remained range bound since. Portfolio Management. Company Profiles. Income Tax. Top Stocks. Business Leaders. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Trading News Top Stocks. News Trading News. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

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